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Erin Dingle tells it like it is. Whether it’s sad, silly, science or NSFW, she “takes that confused feeling or idea you’ve never had words for and paints it into poetry you’ll understand.”

Erin is a performance poet from Calgary, Canada. She came second at the Canadian Independent Poetry Slam in 2014 and was part of 5 consecutive Calgary Slam teams!
Erin has spoken at festivals and events across Canada, about issues like cancer, motherhood, mental and emotional health, and sexuality. She is a Type 1 diabetic and a breast cancer survivor.

Erin has also dropped vocals for music producers like Inabeathead and Dub Monk, and is a skilled hula hoop dancer. Her most recent chapbook is the parody parenting magazine ‘Yummy Mummy’, published through Blurb.

She runs workshops for adults and youth, exploring topics like dynamic poetry, maintaining a regular writing practice, exploring emotion with innovative language and making the most of stage time.

Erin is founding member of the Ink Spot Collective in Calgary, which runs Calgary’s offical monthly Poetry Slam. She is also a board member for Single Onion, which is the longest running reading series in Calgary, and a Member-At-Large of Spocan Canada.

Find her on Instagram as ‘digitaldingle’, on Facebook as Erin Dingle, or at